The Dreambig Story

One day me and my friend were sitting at his old house in south Minneapolis and were feeling really inspired and anxious, and i don’t quite remember who brought it up but I remember one of us saying that we should start a skateboard company. Now mind you this was 2015 and we were young I was 15 at the time but we really wanted to make our mark in skateboarding , we didn’t even know how we were gonna do it haha. We were dreamers. So we started drawing up ideas and logos and started thinking of names for our new board company. Well we knew we wanted the name to incorporate something that truly we believed in. We originally thought of using just the word “dreamers” but we thought that was to overused, So the next name we thought of was Dream Big.. and we loved it! It just felt right, so we made it our own “Dreambig” and ran with it. That day was April 2nd 2015. It took a lot of time, planning, effort, willingness and never giving up on my dreams even after so many people told me I couldn’t do it. it’s taken 4 years but I’ve done it, Now without further ado... I proudly introduce my contribution to skateboarding “Dreambig Skateboards” - @hill_bomb / Vontez Hill 

#Dreambig4Life #FollowYourFuckingDreams